Wieliczka salt Mine

Wieliczka salt Mine

Wieliczka salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine tours

Imagine descending nearly 450 under the ground to get a glimpse of the Middle Ages just ten miles away from a bustling contemporary city. Poland offers exciting tours to the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Saint Kinga's chapel. It is also a heritage site protected by UNESCO. It also has 150 miles of galleries with salt carvings honouring deities. People severing from allergies and asthma can also visit the underground rehab center for curative measures.

It is one of the best preserved attractions and a salty delight for several visitors. More than one million people have already learnt about this enterprise that made Poland a thriving economy once upon a time. It is an excellent half a day trip to know how salt was mined a thousand years ago. It is located in the suburb of Wieliczka. Since it is very cool place warm clothing is also recommended while visiting the place.

In 3 hours one can climb down the 380 steps and learn about the cavernous chambers. Perhaps this is the only known form of salt carvings also. Several mining techniques can be learnt through the ages in that area. Some chambers also have salt lakes. The Bochnia Salt Mines are the oldest. The salt excavations are natural inhalators that make oxygen ingestion easy.

Tour includes:

  • Guide in Salt Mine
  • Personal transportation
  • Entrance fee to Salt Mine
  • English speaking driver
  • Pick up directly from hotel